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CERTIFICATE IN Manicure & Pedicure

Duration: 5 days
Eligibility: Open to all

Entry Requirement
You must be committed to; 100% attendance, excellent punctuality and be willing to work hard. Entry is dependent upon a successful interview.

On this course you will learn practical skills supported by the completion of written assignments on a variety of Beauty Therapy & Hair Dressing related subjects. You will develop sound skills that prepare you for a career in a salon, including teamwork and client relations. All practical skills will be observed and assessed regularly throughout the course duration.

Units covered include:
• Nail Theory
• Shapes of Nail • Disease & Disorders of Nails
• Safety & Hygiene and Sanitization
• Tools & Trades
• Basic Manicure
• Basic Pedicure
• Advanced Manicure
• Advanced Pedicure
• Aroma Manicure
• Aroma Pedicure
• Spa Manicure
• Spa Pedicure
• Paraffin Manicure
• Paraffin Pedicure
• Chocolate Manicure
• Chocolate Pedicure
• Nail Polish Application